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Crowd Testing

Crowd Testing is the fastest and most flexible form of software testing. The requested software tests are run by a large community of real users anywhere in the world with their own devices.

Why Crowd Testing?

Crowd Testing enables faster, scalable and cost-effective tests of any scope. You can have a flexible-sized test suite, without wasting time and costs on steps such as recruitment and training. Tests performed by remote test experts with their own devices in their convenient time offer a huge scope of test environment while reducing your device cost. Testing with real users and devices, it is possible to see the results closest to the experience of the end user before going live.

Testers work regardless of location, ensuring that tests continue and are completed quickly. Faster and more extensive tests minimize bugs that go live. The number of releases per unit time increases, so there is an increase in throughput. Thanks to Crowd Testing, the workload of your in-house test team is reduced, and it is possible for test teams that need to work closely with developers to prioritize other projects.

With our 15 years of experience, we complete the specific requirements of each project using the Crowd Testing approach in the fastest, most efficient and transparent way.

Faster Results



Real Users and Real Circumstances

Larger Scope

Reduced Costs

Steps in Crowd Testing Projects


Receiving detailed info about the test requests


Sending instructions to the testers who meet the requirements


Running test scenarios and reporting bugs


Preparing and presenting the test report

Crowd Testing Service Packages

Fast Track Testing

Faster Test Service
Bug Hunt
Exploratory Tests

Eliminating out of coverage and duplicate bugs among reported and completing the documentation of the rest 

Product Review
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Total Coverage Testing

Scalable Device Range
Customized Calendar for Each Project
Writing and Running Test Scenarios
Frequent Regression Tests as Requested
Creating a Customized Group of Testers

Regular Testing with Expert Users
Screening Reported Bugs
Controlling the Fixed Bugs
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Crowd Testing Services

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Suppoted Tools in Crowd Testing Projects*

* Tools are selected according to the specific requirements of the projects.

Would you like to join our Crowd testing Community?

Would you like to be a Tester and join Turkey’s most experienced software test organization? By joining our community, you can gain new experiences in our extensive software testing projects in different sectors. You can also work freelance in line with your own time schedule, and spare more time for yourself during the day. You can earn additional income by participating in projects outside of your business hours. Crowd Testing project charges are calculated and delivered with a special scoring system based on criteria such as the number of bugs found and the number of tests run.

We are waiting for the application of candidates who want to take part in our Crowd Testing projects.

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