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Performance Tests

Performance tests are software test activities performed to measure how the system desired to be tested reacts under a certain load.

Why Performance Test?

Performance tests are performed in subtest types such as Load, Stress, Endurance, Spike and Scalability according to the test types to be run for the software product or systems.

Through these performance test types to be run according to the requirements, the level of the performance expected from the related software product and project is observed.

Keytorc is completely independent of all tools and infrastructure providers in the performance testing ecosystem. Therefore, it can work on all ready-made systems preferred by companies suggesting the right approach, regardless of commercial or open source distinction, if necessary. 

User Capacity Measurement

Performance Measurement at Different Loads

Instant Load Capacity Measurement

Hardware – Capacity Relationship Measurement

System Response Limit Detection

Response Limit Measurement

Project Steps in Performance Tests


Determining the Test Strategy

Cloud / Local

Determination of Load Levels


Preparation of Performance Test Environment


Running and Reporting of Tests

Supported Performance Test Tools

Some of Our Performance Test References

Performance Test Service

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