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International Mobile Testing Training

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Virtual Class Training

The training will take place in live virtual format. You can attend the training from any location by using web conference tools. 


November 7-8, 2024


2 Days

9.30 – 16.30


750 USD + VAT

5% discount is valid when you apply 30 days before the training.

Training Content

The Mobile World

– Mobile Revolution and Trends
– Mobile Devices
– Operating systems
– Native and Web Based Applications

Mobile Challenges

– General Issues
– Test Specific Issues
– Platforms and Compatibility
– Data Input
– Original Functionalities
– Hardware Complexity
– Application Complexity
– Apple, Android, Microsoft and others
– Security and Operator Issues

Mobile Test Priorities

– Functionality
– Performance (Performance)
– Efficiency
– Compatibility
– Usability
– Interoperability
– Installability
– Conformance
– Security
– Regression Testing
– User Acceptance Testing

Mobile Testing Approaches

– Real Device Testing
– Emulators (Emulator Testing)
– Cloud Testing
– Mobile Testing Communities
– Procedures and Test Lifecycle (Components, Procedures, Testing Lifecycle)
– Building a Mobile Testing Strategy and Policy

Mobile Test Automation

– Automation Decision (To Automate or Not! Decision Making)
– Challenges and Opportunities
– Choosing the Approach
– Measuring Profitability (Calculating ROI)

Tools and Technology

– Commercial and Free Vehicles
– Choosing the Right Vehicle
– Practical Test Automation Application

Mobile Test Experiences

– Facts and Highlights from Industries

Course Benefits

Specialize in the latest software testing and quality methodologies, techniques and automation tools

Acquire best practices and international competencies with practical applications that should be used during the testing phase for your mobile applications to succeed

Who should attend?

Test Engineers
Quality Assurance Specialists
Business Analysts
System Analysts
Software Experts
Project Managers
Corporate Architecture Experts
Software Architects

Trainer Profile

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International Mobile Testing Training

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