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Test Process Implementation and Improvement

Test Process Implementation and Improvement are performed to increase the test maturity level after the organizations test the test process levels.

Why Test Process Implementation and Improvement?

Companies that want to improve their technical competencies and infrastructures in order to solve the complications that may arise in software testing activities focus on meeting their quality expectations. The Testing Center of Excellence (K-TCoE) offered by Keytorc is an accessible and feasible solution that reduces the cost of any IT software testing and allows utilizing test outsourcing.

Keytorc consultants aim to apply best practices through both theoretical reviews and practical experiences in order to improve the organization processes they support. In this process, besides learning best practices and earning skills, companies also acquire the relates skills and get experienced on how to apply in real life.

Use of Recent Testing Technology and Tools

Test Applications Adapting to Organization

Focusing More on Test & Quality in Organization

Standardization of

Test Tools

ROI Increase in Test and Quality Processes

Determining KPIs for Testers

Project Steps in Test Process Implementation and Improvement Service


Person Oriented Implementations


Process Oriented Implementations


Technology Oriented Implementations


Tool Oriented Implementations

Test Process Implementation and Improvement Service

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