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Virtual IIBA® Software Testing Training for Business Analysts and Business Units

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Virtual Class Training

The training will take place in live virtual format. You can attend the training from any location by using web conference tools.


March 26-27, 2024


2 Days

10:00 – 17:00


750 USD + VAT

Training Content

Fundamentals of Software Testing

  • What is Software Testing? Why is it necessary for Business Analysts?
  • Business Analysis & Testing (Dependency, Similarities, Differences)
  • The Place of Testing in IIBA Business Analysis Methodology
  • Test Dimensions (Test Levels, Test Types)
  • Who is a Testing Expert? What are their roles and responsibilities?

Testing in Different Software Development Models

  • Waterfall, V Model, Iterative
  • Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP, TDD)
  • Testing and business analysis approaches in Agile projects
  • How to test using user stories?

Worldwide Good Practices in Testing

  • Test terminology
  • Testing Processes
  • Test Organization
  • Testing Techniques
  • Testing Tools

Software Testing Trends

  • ISTQB Worldwide Software Testing Practices Report
  • Turkey Software Quality Report

The Business Analyst's Role in the Testing Process

  • Test Analysis
  • Test Management
  • Bug ownership


Concepts Used in Test Analysis and Design

Modeling the Test Object

Testing Techniques to Test Faster and More Effectively

  • Black Box Testing Techniques
    • Equivalence partitioning
    • Boundary value analysis
    • Decision table testing
    • State transition testing
    • Use case testing
    • User story testing
  • White Box Testing Techniques
    • Statement Coverage
    • Decision Coverage
  • Experience-based test techniques
    • Exploratory testing
  • Case study

Non-Functional Tests

  • Usability Tests

Test Management

  • Test Planning
  • Testing Principles
  • Documents Used for Test Management
  • Estimating Test Effort
    • Top-down Approach
    • Bottom-up Approach
  • Testing Metrics
  • Test Organization and Competencies
    • Business Analyst Perspective
    • Developer Perspective
    • Tester Perspective
    • Executive Perspective
  • Case study

Bug Ownership

  • İyi Bir Hata Raporu Yazımı
  • Error Management
    • Error Lifecycle
    • Error Status and Workflow
    • Error Classification and Taxonomy
    • Error, Defect, Failure

User Acceptance Testing

  • Responsibilities of Business Analysts in the User Acceptance Testing Process
  • Roles of Business Units in the User Acceptance Testing Process
  • Change Request & Change Request Management

Testing Tools

  • Application Lifecycle Management Tools (Requirements Management, Test Management, Incident Management)
  • Test Tool Selection
  • Test Automation Pyramid
  • Robotic Test Automation (RPA) in Testing

Course Benefits

Having the best testing competencies necessary to achieve success in projects,

Preparing for the most important certification programs in the world at the standards of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA –,

Having knowledge about Verification and Validation activities and requirements,

Having knowledge about testing techniques (static and dynamic testing techniques),

Completely presenting testing processes from requirements review to system implementation,

It is aimed to assist business analysts in their work to contribute to the value provided by a solution used by their company.

Who should attend?

Business Analysts
System Analysts
Enterprise Architecture Experts
Product Managers

Trainer Profile

Keytorc’s internationally certified trainings are provided by consultants specialized in software development and testing. Keytorc instructors, who stand out with their academic careers as well as their sectoral experiences, convey the rich contents of the training with interactive methods.

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Virtual IIBA® Software Testing Training for Business Analysts and Business Units

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