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ISTQB® Foundation Level Certified Software Tester Training

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Virtual Class Training

The training will take place in live virtual format. You can attend the training from any location by using web conference tools. 


July 24-25-26, 2024


2,5 Days

9.30 – 16.30


750 USD + VAT

5% discount is valid when you apply 30 days before the training.

Training Content

Basics of Software Testing

– What is Test?
– Software Errors, Causes and Results of Errors
– Creating Test Scope
– Factors Affecting the Success of the Test Project
– Limits of the Test
– Prioritization of Tests
– Quality Risk Analysis Techniques
– Preparation of the Project Risk Map
– Design, Writing and Documentation of Test Cases
– Sample Application Selection (Oracle Problem)
– Determination of Test Exit Criteria

The Role of Test in Software Development Lifecycle

– Test Psychology
– Basic Test Processes
– Integration of the Test into Different Software Development Processes (Waterfall, Spiral, RAD, Extreme Programming, V-Model, Agile, Scrum etc.)
– Verification and Validation
– Test Levels (Unit, System, Integration, User Acceptance Tests)
– Test Types (Functional, Performance, Structural, Approval Tests)

Test Project Management

– Roles and Responsibilities
– Organization of the Test Team
– Setting up the Test Environment (Test Laboratory)
– Creating Test Strategy and Plan
– Scope, Test Project Plan and Identification of Risks
– Test Project Outputs (Testware)
– Critical Performance Indicators
– Test and Quality Control
– Prioritization and Reporting of Errors

Dynamic Tests

– Black Box Test Techniques
– Equivalence Class Partitioning
– Endpoint Test Technique (Boundary Value Analysis)
– Decision Table Testing
– State Transition Testing Technique
– Business Case Test Technique (Use Case Testing)
– White Box Test Techniques
– Translating the Code into Control Flow Charts
– Instruction Test Technique (Statement Testing)
– Determination of Code Coverage Percentage of Instruction Test Technique
– Decision Testing Technique
– Determination of Decision Test Technique Code Coverage Percentage
– Determining the Minimum Number of Test Scenarios (Test Case) Required to Cover the Whole Code
– Cyclomatic Complexity Technique
– Manual Technique
– Researcher Test Technique (Exploratory Test Techniques)

Static Tests

– Static Test Techniques and Test Process
– Review Process
– Activities
– Roles and Responsibilities
– Types of Reviews
– Success Factors
– Static Analysis Tools

Test Automation Tools

– What to Consider in Test Automation?
– Test Automation Tools Selection Process
– Test Planning and Management Tools
– Static Test Automation Tools
– Dynamic Test Automation Tools

Practical Applications

– Risk Mapping
– Writing a Test Plan
– Test Case Writing
– Functional Tests
– Performance Tests
– Application of Black Box Test Technique
– Application of the White Box Test Technique
– Error Entry and Reporting

Course Benefits

Specialize in the latest software testing and quality methodologies, techniques and automation tools

Prepare for the International Software Testing Qualifications Board Certified Tester certification exam, the most important certification program in the field of international testing engineering

Acquire best practices and international competencies with practical applications that should be used in the testing phase for projects to succeed

Who should attend?

Test Engineers
Quality Assurance Specialists
Business Analysts
System Analysts
Software Experts
Project Managers
Corporate Architecture Experts
Software Architects

Trainer Profile

Keytorc's internationally certified trainings are provided by consultants secialiczed in software development and testing. Keytorc instructors, who stand out with their academic careers as well as their sectoral experience, convey the rich content of the training with interactive methods.

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This training and its content are accredited by ISTQB®.

ISTQB® Certification

ISTQB® is the world’s leading organization that certifies software testers. As of May 2020, ISTQB® has administered over 955,000 exams and issued more than 721,000 certifications in 129 countries world-wide.

About ISTQB® Exams

Training participants gain the right to be accredited by participating in ISTQB® Exams. ISTQB® Exams are conducted by Turkish Testing Board in Turkey.

ISTQB® Foundation Level Certified Software Tester Training

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