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Code Quality and Analysis

Code Quality and Analysis is a test approach in which errors and vulnerabilities are detected in the early stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC) with static and dynamic analysis methods.

Why Code Quality and Analysis?

Code Quality and Code Analysis ensures that technical debts that are difficult to detect and that may cause problems in the future periods are revealed through traditional tests. Thus, quality software development activities are supported, enabling the projects go live with high technical maturity level.

With the Code Quality and Code Analysis services, Keytorc supports the establishment of a quality culture within the organization, especially software development experts and technical improvements in this direction.

Directing Software Engineers to Develop Quality Code

Detection of Errors

at an Early Stage

Detection of Errors That cannot be Found by Conventional Methods

Integration of CI / CD Processes with Static-Dynamic Tests

Identification of Code Smell Leading to Technical Debt

Increased Product Awareness and Effective Communication Within the Team

Code Quality and Analysis Service Layers



Core Layer mainly focuses on clean coding philosophy and practices. Non-functional quality attributes such as maintainability, reliability, efficiency and scalability are achieved through static and dynamic code analysis. Individual personal career development actions taken through training, periodic reporting and control steps.


Delivery Layer enhances managerial and engineering practices by adding review, continuous improvement, DevOps integration practices in addition to Core Layers’.


Enterprise Layer aims to disseminate and visualize entire process through real-time dashboards, executive reports and tool customizations. Consequently, management and stuff align towards a common goal.

Code Quality and Analysis Service

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