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Test Outsourcing

Software test outsourcing is software testing services provided by companies that deliver outsourcing to meet the test know-how and test resources needed in software projects.

Why Test Outsourcing?

In IT projects, it is always aimed to reach high quality products with limited time and resources. In this regard, software testing activities are the steps that ensure the quality assurance of the projects in order to obtain the highest efficiency from the investment.

Providing Software Test Outsourcing service enriched with knowledge and experience, Keytorc enables the use of existing resources and technologies much more effectively increasing the efficiency of IT projects and delivering a pioneering service for 15 years.

Certified Test Engineers

Effective Test Management

Reduced Test Efforts

Quality Increase

Operational Efficiency Increase

Staff Flexibility

Service Level Agreement

Keytorc guarantees the sustainability of the service quality it provides in Software Test Outsourcing service projects with the Service Level Agreements (SLA) offered to its customers.

Supported Test Tools

Some of Our Test Outsourcing References

Test Outsourcing Services

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