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International Code Quality and Code Analysis Training

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Virtual Class Training

The training will take place in live virtual format. You can attend the training from any location by using web conference tools. 


September 12-13, 2024


2 Days

10:00 – 17:00


750 USD + VAT

5% discount is valid when you apply 30 days before the training.

Training Content

Clean Code

– Motivation for Clean-Code
– Why We Create Technical Debt
– Good Code vs. Bad Code
– Writing Code for Humans

X-Driven Development

– Test-Driven Development (TDD)
– Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)
– Junit, TestNG and Cucumber

Static Analysis

– Control and Data Flow Analysis
– Call Graphs
– Information Architecture

Dynamic Analysis

– CPU Usage
– Memory Allocation (Pointers, Wild Pointers, Garbage Collectors)
– Performance Profiling

Code Metrics & Coding Standards

– Indentation, Nesting, Branches
– Decisions, Conditions
– Code Complexity, Cyclomatic Complexity
– Code Style Guide
– Comment Frequency
– Line Length, Declarations, Naming Conventions
– Cohesion, Coupling, Modularity

Code Security

– Authentication, Authorization
– Session Management, Data Handling
– Error Handling, Logging
– Encryption

Code Review

– Establishing Review Objectives
– Source Code Review Approaches
– Duration, Scope, Lines of Code
– Code Review Process
– Infinite Loops, Repeated Code, Unreachable Code, Variable Definitions

White Box Testing

– Statement Testing
– Decision Testing
– Branch Testing
– Condition Testing
– Decision/Condition Testing
– Modified Condition/Decision Coverage
– Multiple Condition Testing

Continuous Code Quality

– Continuous Integration in Nutshell
– Delivery Pipeline
– Static & Dynamic Analysis in Pipeline


– Beautifier (Coding Standards)
– Beyond Compare (Comparators)
– SonarQube, CAST (Code Quality)
– HP Fortify, IBM Security Appscan, OWASP (Security Analysis)
– VeraCode, Parasoft Insure++ (Dynamic Analysis)

Course Benefits

Advance your career in quality code development, coding standards, static and dynamic analysis methods

Learn best practices and international standards on code quality, one of the most overlooked topics in software projects

Get an idea of ​​how to improve quality in Green-field or Legacy projects, how to set the right goals

Learn about sustainable, secure and high-performance coding methods as well as writing working code

Who should attend?

Software Engineers
Software Architects
Software Development Managers
IT and Enterprise Architecture Managers
Technical Test Engineers
System Analysts
Project Managers

Trainer Profile

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International Code Quality and Code Analysis Training

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