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Test Automation

Test Automation is the activity of reporting the results by running software test designs in line with pre-prepared scripts. Thus, the efficiency of the repeated and manually executed tests, which are creating an operational load, is increased.

Why Test Automation?

Performing repetitive test activities with software test automation is beneficial in terms of decreasing operational blindness and reducing human dependency as well as increasing efficiency, effectiveness and quality.

Keytorc is completely independent of all vehicle and infrastructure providers in the test automation ecosystem. Therefore, Keytorc can work on all ready-made systems preferred by companies; suggests the “right” approach, regardless of commercial or open source distinction, if necessary.

Decrease in Test Running Time

Running Tests Independent of Time

Objective Interpretation of the Results

Test Resource Efficiency

Test Coverage Measurement


Frequently Automated Test Types


Regression Tests


Smoke Tests


Compatibility Tests


Performance Tests

Supported Test Automation Tools

Some of Our Test Automation References

Test Automation Service

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