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Selenium Test Automation – Continuous Delivery & Devops: Test Automation Gains High Recognition in Turkey’s E-Commerce Market

By 2014-03-18April 8th, 2020No Comments

For our clients in e-commerce industry, we are delivering value added test automation services. This service is not limited to automation of manual test cases but rather an incentive step for:

–       continuous delivery of software systems and

–       great contribution to DevOps practices.

Our end-to-end test automation approach includes the following steps:

  • Clarification of Business Scenarios Focused on Project Priorities
  • Risk Assessment and Transformation of Business Scenarios to Manuel Test Cases
  • Test Data Preparation
  • Agile Project Management Framework Setup for Test Automation Purposes
  • Object-Oriented Software Architecture Build
  • Development of Software Addressing Automated Test Cases
  • Continuous Execution and Maintenance of Automated Test Cases
  • Reporting and Scheduling

To get more information about the role of test automation in continuous delivery and DEVOPS, you can visit or contact with Keytorc test automation team:


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