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Test Innovations

Keytorc contributes to the quality and continuity of software projects with its own innovations as well as standardized applications in the field of software testing. Keytorc is a pioneer of fast-changing sectoral trends with over 15 years of experience in software testing.

Test Automation

In addition to providing pioneering solutions in the field of software test automation, Keytorc constantly updates its services in the light of developing technologies, thus keeping the efficiency of its value added services at the highest level.

– Docker and Selenium Grid Integration
– Selenium WebDriver and Appium
– Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)
– Cloud Integration for Mobile Test Infrastructure

Performance Tests

Keytorc integrates its performance testing experiences with the capabilities of cloud technologies. In this way, the performance test services it offers are reliable and scalable. Keytorc offers the most effective solutions by identifying open source and commercial performance test tools according to customer needs.

– JMeter and Blazemeter Integration
– Performance Tests with Visual Studio
– Cloud Integration for Performance Test Infrastructure

Test Capability Rating TCR

Test and quality control activities in software systems can be designed differently according to the life cycle model adopted. In traditional models, test activities are designed as an independent step like other activities, while in agile models, they take place integrated with development.

In addition, different models can be used to measure the maturity level of test processes. The biggest feature that distinguishes the TCR (Test Capability Rating) model developed by the Keytorc team is that it focuses not only on test processes but also on other related processes.

– TCR Critical Areas
– TCR Evaluation Process
– TCR Maturity Level Calculation

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