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Around the World with 80 Software Testers

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The first edition of the e-book Around the World with 80 Software Testers, edited by QA Consultant Viv Richards, has been published! The free e-book edited by Richards is a project based on the knowledge and experience of experts from around the world who are interested in software testing and eager to share their experiences with fellow testers. Each expert contributes to the e-book with an article focusing on software testing and experiences. The article authors set out their perspectives based on their own experience gained over the course of their professional life. While one of the authors calls out to her younger-self inexperienced 10 years ago, another advises that we should be authentic on our own. In addition to the articles emphasizing to learn better by teaching, there are also articles in which we are not recommended to limit ourselves in any way and always aim at personal growth. The article writers of the e-book, who actively continue their career in different locations and organizations around the world, touch on very valuable points regarding the software testing. We can say that all software test experts and candidates can definitely get inspiring point of views throughout the e-book.

Who is Contributing to Around the World with 80 Software Testers?

Around the World with 80 Software Testers will continue to evolve in the near future. The e-book, whose first edition was published on March 15, 2020 and where 17 software test professionals from 17 different countries shared their experiences and knowledge, aims to reach 80 different authors eventually. New versions of the e-book will continue to be published, along with new articles. Koray Yitmen, Managing Partner of Keytorc, contributes to this exciting project with his article titled “A Drawing Compass, A Multi-Sport Athlete, and A Multi-Skilled Tester”. To reach the list of authors, including Koray Yitmen, you can have a look at the world map prepared specifically for the project.

If you are looking for something inspiring to read while working remote these days, you can download “Around The World With 80 Software Testers” which includes many inspiring articles from the world’s leading testing experts. In addition, we recommend that you regularly follow the updates of the e-book while new articles are added periodically in order not to miss it!

Download and enjoy the free e-book now!

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