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In addition to free events such as meet-ups, TestHackathon and TestBootcamp; Keytorc is also the event partner of the International TestIstanbul Conference. Keytorc team is attending as speakers and panelists at many other local and international conferences and events as well.

Keytorc TestTalks

TestTalks are free events organized periodically by Keytorc in order to contribute software test industry in Turkey.

Keytorc TestTalks are open to the participation of all software professionals who want to follow the latest developments about software testing and to expand their professional environment.

Previous TestTalks

Keytorc TestHackathon

TestHackathon organized by Keytorc is Turkey’s first online and offline combined software testing hackathon event. Since 2016, more than 40 teams and over 150 participants have qualified for the hackathon finals and competed in the challenging and fun TestHackathon.

CsTech participating from, came first in TestHackathon 2019 organized with the #ContinuousTesting theme. 

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International TestIstanbul Conference

TestIstanbul is the first and largest international software test conference in South East Europe and Middle East. Since 2010, TestIstanbul is hosting thousands of participants and dozens of speakers from all over the world every year.

Keytorc has been joining the conference as an event partner since the first year of TestIstanbul. In addition to being panelists and speakers, Keytorc’s expert consultants share experiences with participants through workshops at the conference.

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Test Bootcamp

Test Bootcamp is the basic level test training given to our candidates who have recently graduated from Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Management Information Systems, Mathematics, etc. or who want to change their career path and specialize in software testing. Thanks to Bootcamp, our candidates are introduced with software testing methodologies & tools, creating an opportunity to experience the field with practical applications. Our candidates who successfully complete the training process are offered job opportunities within the scope of our existing customers and projects.

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Supported Events

Events we support as keynote, speaker, moderator, panelist or sponsor:

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