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Banking Software Testing

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The banking sector, which has an important place in the financial system with its large share, plays a fundamental role in economic growth.

Banks are a part of the economic system, operating for profit as commercial enterprises and with many functions they undertake.

While competitive factors are also effective in determining the dynamics of the banking sector, they have made it their mission to provide complete, reliable and quality service to all sectors and customer groups in service delivery with the possibilities of the digital age.

Why is a Test Performed in the Banking Sector?


The increase in innovations with rapidly developing technology constitutes one of the pillars of the competition within the sector in this field. Institutions create risks in parallel with their desire to take their place in the market quickly with more complex, high-functionality, usable, reliable, quality software products that will provide solutions to the needs of their employees, individual and corporate customers.

The software product produced in a limited time, in addition to being complex in itself, being integrated into the internal and external systems with the architectural infrastructure to which it is connected, the device, hardware capacity, platform, version, etc. of the users of this software product. As the differences increase, it causes more software errors to occur.

By performing software testing, it is aimed to detect and report the errors in the earliest stages of the software life cycle. Testing is of great importance in the banking sector, as the solution costs of the errors found early will be much less than the material and reputation losses that will occur in the live environment.

Banking Software Testing

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