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IoT Software Testing

The Internet of Things popularly known as IoT is the network that consists of devices, vehicles, buildings or any other connected electronic devices.
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As the number of connected devices grow, the potential for issues also increases. The enhanced complexity and diversity of these devices brings new and exciting opportunities for brands to engage with customers. However, making sure that IoT devices are reliable across every environment and meet the high-quality standard that customers expect is no easy task.

Challenges of IoT Testing

These are characteristics consequently present a unique set of challenges when it comes to testing IoT applications. Challenges include but not limited to;


Dynamic Environment

Unlike other systems, IoT has a very dynamic environment with millions of sensors and different devices.

Real-Time Complexity

IoT system mights very complex real-time use cases.

Resource Constraints

Limitations in memory, processing power, bandwidth, battery life, etc. requires solid approaches

Scalability of the Systems

Creating as test environment to assess functionality along with scalability is challenging.

IoT Testing Strategy

To tackle the complexities associated with IoT testing a comprehensive testing strategy is required.


Functional Testing

With the complexity of IoT devices it is critical to ensure your devices are performing as expected across all environments. We run test cases and exploratory tests to uncover bugs in the functionality of your IoT solution before a customer finds them.

Usability Testing

Each user’s interaction with an IoT solution will be unique and unpredictable. A focus group is the only way to test the complete solution in the conditions in which your customers will use it. Keytorc recruits testers who have access to your devices, in the locations and environments that your devices will be used. Receiving direct feedback from real users allows you to create improved customer experiences.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is important to create strategic approach for developing and implementing an IOT testing plan. It should cover complex aspects like timing analysis, load testing, real-time stream analytics, and time-bound outputs, under the extremes of data volume, velocity and variety.

Hardware Testing

Keytorc's community helps make sure the target hardware is working properly, fits on the body of your target persına, and/or is compatible with other software and devices as needed.

Connectivity Testing

The system has to be available all the time and should have seamless connectivity. As per connectivity, two things are very important to test. Connectivity, transfer of data, receiving tasks from the devices should be seamless when the connection is up and running. The other condition is the connection down scenario.

Regulatory Testing

Any system needs to pass through multiple regulatory checkpoints. It is a better practice to get the requirements in the starting of the development cycle itself. The same should be made part of the testing checklist.

IoT Software Testing

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